Safety First Advice for Women Travelers

womantravelerGenerally, there area lot of women travelers who get
stuck in being confused on what to do when traveling
alone. Women, being more of the vulnerable type, would
think that it can be quite scary embarking through
stranger’s land where everyone knows that you are a
new comer. Women, don’t fret. Here are some tips to
guide you make it through safe traveling. With these
safety first advices for traveling women, you can ease
out your concerns.

Advice # 1 – Always consider what to wear.

Your attire can accurately tell who you are and what
lies beneath that bag of yours. Every place is
different but nothing beats simplicity. if you are
going in East side countries wherein most places are
still “developing”, it is not wise to wear signature
clothes or branded shoes. This will not only make some
kind of commotion but also attract the eyes of
prowling thieves. In addition, other countries are
reprimanding the wearing of revealing clothes. How do
you go about this? Dress simply. Dress what locals
will dress. If necessary, buy clothes that you often
see them wear. Continue reading “Safety First Advice for Women Travelers”

Safety First Traveling Tips when Riding a Foreign Taxi

taxiRiding a taxi can generally be safe. It’s safer than
journeying through the subway, at least. But, there
are things, bad things that can happen when riding a
foreign taxi. There have been reports of kidnapping by
taxi drivers in which you have to be aware of. before
boarding any kind of vehicle, consider your safety
first and then be alert of your surroundings when
traveling especially when you’re alone.

Tip # 1 – Locate a taxi stand.

If you just came out of the airport, you can easily
find taxi stands around and near the area. It would be
a bit similar to what you have in your country. You
just have to notice the congregating taxis under a
sign that you can’t read and that would probably be
it. If unsure, ask a police person. In general terms,
only cabs that are authorized by the government to
board passengers are the ones that can park under
these stands. This also means that the taxi driver is
licensed. Never let drivers that are aggressive to win
you over. They might have another intention than
bringing you to your destination. Continue reading “Safety First Traveling Tips when Riding a Foreign Taxi”

Indian Theater Arts

yakshaganaThe theater arts of India can be divided into Yakshagana, puppetry and dance. Yakshagana depicts a religious story with the help of dialogue delivery and music. A puppeteer used painted figures made out of deer or goatskin, usually, which are moved by the threads and string attached to them. Dances have actors expressing a situation with facial expression in sync with a singer narrating the tale along with music using instruments such as veena and tabla. Since expressions play a vital role, eyes are being highlighted, as they are the key in this type of theater art.

“Yakshagana” is a Sanskrit word for Celebration of the celestials. This theater art includes drama, song and dance. It basically started as a folk art. The actors usually lead a nomadic life, traveling from one village to another with their baggage. They used to halt in temples at night and setting their stage for the performance the next day. Villagers gather the next day to watch this group of 15-20 male actors performing. Epics of Hindu mythology are enacted using makeup and colorful costumes. Since no females are a part of this pack, the male attire wearing female attire, too enacts feminine roles. The performers are expected to perform throughout the day and sometimes throughout the night, for which they should require lots of stamina for the preceding of the play through the night. The mythological figures are known as “Kimpurushas”, lead actor known as “Kattu-veshas” and the so-called villains are known as “Kiratas”. The audiences aren’t expected to pay anything for this entertainment; the actors are provided money with the temple funds for a living. Continue reading “Indian Theater Arts”

A great way to go vacation to Bali, Indonesia.

kutaBali is one of  the popular tourist destination in the world. It is because Bali has many attractions that can make many tourist willing to stay many days or weeks in Bali. Bali is combination of great natural environment, white sandy beach,  rich cultural heritage, great arts performance and its tropical climate.  You do not have to worry when visiting Bali because there are many inns and hotels close to tourist Destination. Near Kuta also many lodging options that can be taken such as Ibis Kuta Bali  and The Kuta Beach Heritage. These are a good budget hotel, not too expensive but has full amenities. It’s nice hotel grounds with delicious food, good restaurants and bar in the area. These hotels are popular among solo travelers. You can view available room, facilities and amenities via  this link the accor hotel group Continue reading “A great way to go vacation to Bali, Indonesia.”

Travel Tips to European Countries: Spain

spainAbout The Country

Spain is famous world wide for its flamenco dancers and bullfights. The architecture reflects the Moroccan style. Cave paintings, renaissance cathedrals, Moorish palaces prove the diversity of the country. Spring, fall and early summer are very pleasant here, though summers are hot. Continue reading “Travel Tips to European Countries: Spain”